The information which every player should know about Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a fantastic game. Everyday, there are thousands of people playing it. Words with Friends is a word game, it can develop your intelligence and relieve your stress in daily life. Do you understand all the information for this game? This article will discuss the information of this game. The basic principles are Scoring, Tile Placement, Word Lists and Finale.

As you know, the aims of the Words with Friends game is that each player must form words in vertically or horizontally in the board for their turn and trying to get many points for words that are formed and placed.

Firstly is tile placement. The first player will start with the tile placement process; they should place the first word in order to each of the letter tile is a star that found at the middle of the board. Hence, the words that are put after the first word must be connected with one or more letter tile which is shared with words.

Remember that, the tiles must be put in the same line such as horizontally or vertically for each of player’s turn. However, letter tiles can be put in order to multiple new words can be formed simultaneously together with the combination of the neighboring letters. Take note that if they create the words that are illegal using the neighboring letters, these words will not be accepted. And players can use words that include with archaic, foreign origin, slang and colloquial, but except for the abbreviations, proper nouns, suffixes, prefixes and words which have apostrophe or hyphen.

Secondly is scoring. When you play this game you will get many different value points, for example: the letter tiles which are placed in a DL space you will have double point and if it is put in a TL space you have triple points. But your next turn you will not double or triple points of the tiles on the TL and DL spaces because you used it for the previous rounds in the game.

Thirdly is finale. The game will end when one of the players that places all the tiles remaining from her or his shelf. And it can end when three turns played with no scoring. So all the other player will be lost points for value of her or his left letter tiles after the last tiles is formed. Thus, the sum of points received by all players will be transformed to the winner who luckily formed the last letter tiles on her or his rack.

When you play this game, sometimes you are stuck when you must create a valid word that you do not know. No dictionaries can be used and players bases on the list of words which they can recall. With the online tool, players will overcome this problem. Cheats are now available on the internet. A word with friends cheat finder will aid you form words from your tiles thus you do not need to base on your poor vocabulary.

Now you can play game better with these above information about Words with Friends game. Enjoy this game with your friends and family members.

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