Some Tips for Winning at Words with Friends

The mobile game app created the game word with friends which enable you to compete with your friends. However, you have no reasons to lose the game. The article will show you some way to win the game when playing with your friends.
Firstly, you have to remember that words with friends are not Scrabble. Although, it has the letter and the board being similar to Scrabble, there are some differences. For instances, Word with Friends was created to give you more chances. You have to change the hands very fast because it enable you many opportunities to get high value words.

The letter J is also an example of differences between them. In Scrabble, J can help you to get high scoring words, but you cannot use it the whole game. On the other hand, in Words with Friends, the letter J has more values than in Scrabble. It is worth ten in Words with Friends compared to seven in Scrabble. That’s the reason why the letter J is more helpful. If you notice carefully, you will realize that twelve different letters in Words with Friends have more scores than in Scrabble. You should take advantages from these differences.

Secondly, you should use multiplier tiles. As you know, triple-letter or triple-word multiples are often in bonus squares. The numbers of the bonus tiles are not different. However, they are differently distributed. Therefore, you should learn them carefully.

Another tip to help you win the game is learning some words. If you have an advanced vocabulary, you will have the biggest advantages. You should try to learn words which are long, hard to remember words. If you are in trouble, you can use Words with friends cheat finder. Besides, you also use Words with Friends word builder to create the words.

The important tips you should take is that you have to play defensively. Playing offensively is very good way but you should consider to play defensively. When you put the words down, you have to think about the way carefully.

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