Tactics for Playing Word with Friends

Word with Friends is a fun word game for any age old or young. Everyone has played it at least once in their life. Because it is kinds of word game so it is quite difficult to play. And sometimes, players are stuck when create words to get the highest points. To win a game of Words with Friends players do not only have rich vocabulary but also strategies or tactics for playing game. In this article, I will talk about some tactics for this game.

words with friends cheat solverCreating two-letter and three-letter words. It is very necessary; it will save you in playing game process. However many players do not remember or make all these words, the best tip is to only learn the two-letter and three-letter words include J, Q, Z, and X. For example, QI, JO, ZA and XI.

Playing defensive method. In Words with Friends the best defensive move is to keep consonants if you are near squares such as: TL and TW, besides vowels are quite easy to add into it. It is mean that, if you put an E near the TW square, your opponent will have opportunity to put an X to make a word EX and then game over, you will lose. Thus, this tactic is the best way to save yourself.

Others defensive tip is to prevent your opponent’s entry premium squares. As you know, while we wish to use a bingo (using all 7 tiles) or make longer words that can give for players high scores, it will not make you well if it ends up leading to your opponent get to the TL/TW square.

Another tactic is rack management. On your rack you must balance them. It means that each of turn, you should have 3 vowels and 4 consonants or vice versa. By this way will help you always make words from your tiles you have. The second rack management is to avoid duplicate your tiles on the rack. If you have too many one tile that can lead to clutter and headache, thus, you should always only have one for each letter to do for simpler and easier disposal.

Using Words with friends cheat. There are many types of online tool include words with friends cheat solver, words with friends word builder and many more. They are useful tool in playing this game. With Words with friends cheat finder supply a list of words; with these difficult words you can use this tool for making words.

With these simple tactics, you can improve your game and become an expert player. Now enjoy your game with your friends and have much fun with them.

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